Apartment Decorating on a Budget.

Apartment living can hold you back from changing things around. I am one of those people who needs to constantly be changing things around as my style evolves. Now I do wish I had a house or a bigger apartment at lease, but I have still been able to make our apartment cozy and stylish. And the best part about it! I’ve been able to do it on a budget! Keep scrolling and I’ll tell you all about it!

First, I want to start off with my bedroom. This is my favorite place in our apartment. As you can see I love the neutral colors, and I carry that throughout the apartment. This whole space has been put together from things on sale or second hand. The bed frame is second hand and purchased for $30. I was looking for a rustic farmhouse style and i feel like this bed frame fit perfectly. Both side mirrors I found on sale at Ross for about $12 each. The wreath above the bed, I found it at Hobby Lobby and was on 50% off that week. Those are just a few things I was able to find slowly and just carefully pick out the style I was going for.
All the styling props are from Target’s Dollar spot!
Hehe thats Zoey, she wanted to be a part of it too.

Next, were moving on to the living room. Another favorite of mine, and the room we spend most of our time in.

I love love pillows. They make everything comfy, especially the ones that melt you into the couch. These pillows are from Ikea along with the couch itself. The home pillow is actually from the Target dollar spot. The chaise is my husbands favorite spot to watch tv in and sometimes we fight for it lol.
I love fresh flowers, especially during spring and summer.
The side table is again from Ikea. The glass vase is my favorite and its from Hobby Lobby. The lamp is from a set of two I bought it second hand. They came in a gross brown color and and ugly shade so I painted them with chalk paint and sanded down the edges of the designs and found new shades that meshed well together. They are my favorite and pretty cheap to make!
Here is another DIY. The blanket ladder. Honestly, its not perfect and a little lopsided but I love that about it. It gives it a more rustic vibe. I found a tutorial on Pinterest and wah la! a ladder for my blankets. lol
Told you I love pillows.

Ok now the smallest area in this apartment, but still made a cute display. The entry way.

It’s so cute and bright! It’s the first thing you see coming into our apartment. For a time I was really into finding cute things at the Dollar Tree and a few of these are from there or things I crafted myself. Cute right?

Ok, told you it was small thats all I have lol. Next we can go to the kitchen. Now the hardest part of living in an apartment is giving the kitchen and bathroom a makeover. Because I have no say in the style of the cabinets and color of it all I try to make it work. Here is a small section I was able to create and give it a little touch of my style.

Again its a small section but it works. I love the natural wood and texture the shelves give. Yes, I did those myself super easy and sturdy. You can custom make these anyway or length to fit your space but I love the industrial look it gives. Perfect for the farmhouse theme to a kitchen.

Ok, moving on. Next is the Den/ Workspace. Since I started working from home I needed an area to help me focus and keep everything I needed organized. Again, here are more DIYs and bargain shopping.

This is probably the only area in our apartment that has color. I wanted this space to feel like a girl boss work area. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like but I figured its my space and I want it to look fun and cute. So unlike the other rooms in the apartment this is more of a Chic area, I guess. I love it! Love the gold details and the pops of blush pink. I spend hours here editing and blogging.
This is located in the same room as my workspace, just on the opposite side of the room. Living in a small apartment means you dont have a lot of storage space. So this drawer is from, you guessed it, Ikea. (And yes, we have an Ikea about 3 miles from our apartment) I wanted to be able to display my photos and at the same time have some negative space. Sometimes I get a little carried away and fill up every space fast. This way I get to display my favorite shots and make it look clean and calm. Well I like to think so.
Lastly, I wanted to say that I am a plant lady. I have live plants all over the apartment. They help purify the air as well as make it look and feel happier. I love the pops of green you see and it makes it look more exciting.

Well that is the tour of my apartment. I do change things around A LOT lol and my style changes a lot too so I will be updated this blog later. Also, we won’t be living in an apartment forever so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions about anything I posted let me know, I love to share ideas and tutorials.

Until next time!

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