Cantigny Park- Baby Announcement & Surprise Proposal

This Cantigny Park session was a real tear jerker and a surprise for me! A sweet baby announcement and a surprise proposal! It’s like a scene from The Notebook, if only Allie chose to wait for Noah. Ugh.

Anyways, the proposal was not a surprise for me it was a huge surprise for Kat. Btw, she is a former co-worker/friend of mine from my days at Target. Her, now fiance, Jose, secretly emailed me once they booked the session and let me know that he was planning a proposal. I was so excited it felt like I was getting engaged all over again lol (the feeling of it anyways). This was my first surprise proposal, except for my own hehe maybe a blog on that some other day. So with a code word in plan and the perfect posing in mind, I couldn’t wait for the day to come.

So we pick the perfect place, Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL, during the most romantic time of the year, autumn. Most of the trees had turned the gorgeous orange color and weather was just perfect to be outdoors. We did get rained on at the end but still had enough time for all the photos.

Oh yeah,

We’re Pregnant.

‘What?! OMG!’ I was so honored and privileged to be one of the first people to know and help them announce it. I am so happy for them. But I knew it was only going to get better because I was in on the surprise for her.

First lets take a look at her portraits and baby announcements….

Ok, isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Then comes the surprise proposal. The code word Jose gave me was “hugsy”. From the show, ‘Friends’ Joey’s favorite stuffed penguin, he named Hugsy. She is a huge fan of the show and Jose knew that she would be confused about it, and that would be his queue to get down on one knee. You’ll notice the shot when I mention the code word. Also, I cried but I was still shooting away even though I couldn’t see very well with tears in my eyes. lol.

Not yet…
Still not yet….
Nope, keep waiting…
It’s coming…..
This is when I cried. It was so intimate and sweet. I let them have their moment, also needed a tissue. You did good Jose, you did good. (insert thumbs up)
Sigh, I loved this session. Did you? Tell me which announcement you loved the most?
Thank you Cantigny Park for this gorgeous park and giving us permission to enjoy it here. Want a session here? Let’s chat!

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