Mommy & Me Mini Session- Liebentritt Twins

“I absolutely LOVE the photos you took!! .. Makes my heart very happy to see these memories with my sweet babies”


Hello everyone! Here is this weeks session! For Mother’s Day I offered Mommy & Me mini session and this was just the best sessions so far! Well, besides it having rained for almost every weekend for a month. We finally got some sun here in Illinois and all the cute babies came out to play!

Meet Kellan and Chloe and their gorgeous mom, Dana! They are the cutest twins I have ever met! It was so much fun playing with them during the session. Even though they share the same birth date they are completely opposite. They each have they’re own personality!

Chloe is such a giddy baby and all smiles, but likes to stay close to mom. She also does not like grass or dirt on her little toes!

Kellan is the adventurous one! He was all about walking around and exploring everything new! He was not about sitting with mom and smiling for too long. Luckily, we still got some good shots of him!

Both are just the sweetest happiest babies, but mom sure does have her hands full. I love meeting new families and these came out so great!

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