Mr. & Mrs. Platero

My little sister’s wedding.

Amy is the 3rd girl, 4th out of 5. She was the last of us girls to get married this July. Her and Edgar have known each other since high school. Edgar was invited to our church and thats were they met and it all began. Over the years he blended very well to our family, mostly because he was also Salvadorian.

I was so excited to shoot my little sister’s wedding and also be one of two maid of honors. However, it was the most stressful job EVER! Not only do I not appear in any photos, I spent all morning getting ready and months worrying about fitting into a very uncomfortable dress. lol

Being that it was a family event, it really didn’t go the way I would normally shoot a wedding. It was a bit chaotic and I did not hire a second shooter because I felt that I would be able to cover it all. That is one reason why I am not in any photos as her maid of honor. I am very glad I was able to give my little sister the gift of beautiful portraits for her and her husband to enjoy for a life time.

Here are a few of the photos that day. Comment below your favorite!

Photographer friends if you have any tips in shooting weddings or tricks to remember a lot that day comment below! Love to hear how you do it!

Just kidding I do have one photo of me! lol (thats me in the pink dress)
  1. Amy Platero says:

    Love them all . Thank you so much sister!!!

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