Tanner and Melissa

This is Tanner and Melissa.

Just engaged this past December. Are you ready to cry at how cute this story is? Well grab some tissues because this is THE cutest engagement story!

Tanner and Melissa met in high school, BUT did not date back then. When I asked them how they met, Tanner told me he had a crush on her but Melissa didn’t. 🙁 Don’t worry she came around.

Fast forward to last Christmas, btw Melissa’s birthday, he gifted her a book with their love story! Ok, I know your tearing up now because who wouldn’t want a cute book with they’re love story?!

Melissa told me she was reading it and bawling her eyes out! Tanner had planned this all by himself. He did the choosing of the ring as well. Then in front all of their family on Christmas Day he ask Melissa to spend the rest of their lives together.

How thoughtful and romantic was that proposal. Tanner did a great job with planning everything and truly showed how much he loves his soon to be wife Melissa. You two are just meant for each other.

Congratulations, wish you both nothing but the best and a great wedding!


  1. Priscilla says:

    Gorgeous images! Love the lighting. Lucky couple. 🙂

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